2nd USCT Infantry Regiment 1st USCT Infantry Regiment 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment 1861 Skirmishes 1862 Skirmishes 1863 Skirmishes 1864 Skirmishes 1865 Skirmishes Alternate Battle Names 3rd Regiment Alabama Infantry 1861-04-12 Battle of Fort Sumter 1861-04-15 Evacuation of Fort Sumter 1861-04-19 Riots in Baltimore 1861-05-07 Gloucester Point 1861-05-10 Camp Jackson 1861-05-10 Riots in St. Louis 1861-05-18 Sewell’s Point 1861-05-29 Aquia Creek 1861-06-01 Fairfax Court House I 1861-06-01 Arlington Mills 1861-06-03 Philippi 1861-06-05 Pig Point 1861-06-10 Big Bethel 1861-06-15 Hooe’s Ferry 1861-06-17 Vienna 1861-06-17 Boonville 1861-06-19 Cole Camp 1861-06-27 Mathias Point 1861-07-02 Hoke’s Run 1861-07-05 Carthage 1861-07-05 Neosho 1861-07-08 Laurel Hill 1861-07-11 Rich Mountain 1861-07-12 Barboursville 1861-07-13 Corrick’s Ford 1861-07-17 Scary Creek 1861-07-17 Bunker Hill 1861-07-18 Blackburn’s Ford 1861-07-21 Manassas I 1861-07-22 Forsyth 1861-07-25 Mesilla I 1861-07-27 Fort Fillmore 1861-07-28 Sinking of the Petrel 1861-08 Siege of Tubac 1861-08 Cooke’s Canyon 1861-08 Battle of the Florida Mountains 1861-08-02 Dug Springs 1861-08-03 Curran Post Office 1861-08-05 Athens 1861-08-07 Hampton 1861-08-10 Wilson’s Creek 1861-08-10 Potosi 1861-08-19 Charleston 1861-08-25 Mason’s Hill 1861-08-26 Kessler’s Cross Lanes 1861-08-28 Hatteras Inlet Batteries 1861-08-31 Munson’s Hill 1861-09-02 Dry Wood Creek 1861-09-02 Gallinas Massacre 1861-09-08 Placito 1861-09-10 Carnifex Ferry 1861-09-11 Lewinsville 1861-09-12 Cheat Mountain 1861-09-12 Lexington I 1861-09-17 Liberty 1861-09-19 Barbourville 1861-09-21 Fredericktown I 1861-09-24 Canada Alamosa 1861-09-27 Pinos Altos 1861-10-03 Greenbrier River 1861-10-05 Cockle Creek 1861-10-09 Santa Rosa Island 1861-10-12 Battle of the Head of Passes 1861-10-21 Ball’s Bluff 1861-10-21 Camp Wildcat 1861-10-21 Fredericktown II 1861-10-23 Big Sandy Expedition 1861-10-25 Springfield I 1861-11-03 Port Royal 1861-11-07 Belmont 1861-11-08 Ivy Mountain 1861-11-19 Round Mountain 1861-11-20 Skirmish at Brownsville 1861-11-20 Hunter’s Mills 1861-12-04 Bog Wallow Ambush 1861-12-09 Chusto-Talasah 1861-12-13 Camp Allegheny 1861-12-17 Rowlett’s Station 1861-12-19 Skirmish at Blackwater Creek 1861-12-20 Dranesville 1861-12-26 Chustenahlah 1861-12-28 Mount Zion Church 1861-12-28 Sacramento 1862-01-01 Crook’s 1862 Expedition 1862-01-03 Cockpit Point 1862-01-05 Hancock 1862-01-08 Roan’s Tan Yard 1862-01-10 Middle Creek 1862-01-11 Lucas Bend 1862-01-19 Mill Springs

Alternate Battle Names

Besides the traditional North and South  methods of naming wars, many of the battles in the civil war carried other names by which they came to be known.  The following is a partial list of names with links to the battle page.

“Yankee Outrage at Tampa”

Allegheny Mountain, Battle of

Armstrong’s Mill

Athens, Battle of

Backbone Mountain

Bailey’s Creek

Bailey’s Cross Roads

Bakers Creek

Banks’ Ford, Battle of


Barhamsville, Battle of


Bear River, Battle of

Beattie’s Prairie

Beaty’s Prairie

Belle Grove, Battle of

Bethel Church, Battle of

Bethesda Church, Battle of

Big Black

Big Blue River, Battle of the

Big Dry Wood Creek, Battle of

Bird Creek

Bird’s Point, Battle of

Bloomsbury Farm

Blue Mills Landing, Battle of

Blue Mills, Battle of

Boonsboro Gap, Battle of

Boteler’s Ford, Battle of

Boydton Plank Road

Breakthrough at Petersburg

Bristoe Station

Buckhead Creek

Bull Run Bridge

Bull Run, First Battle of

Bull Run, Second Battle of

Burgess Mill

Burkittsville, Battle of

Cache River, Battle of

Camden, Battle of

Cameron’s Depot

Camp Bartow, Battle of

Camp Hill

Camp Wildcat

Carrion Crow Bayou, Battle of

Carter’s Farm

Castleman’s Ferry

Caving Banks

Cedar Run


Chaplin Hills, Battle of

Chapman’s Mill

Charles City Crossroads

Charles City Road

Charleston Harbor, Siege of

Charlot’s Farm

Cheat Summit Fort, Battle of

Chestnut Hill

Chickahominy River, Battle of

Chivington Massacre

Cold Harbor, First Battle of

Cox’s Plantation

Crooked Run, Battle of

Cross Lanes, Battle of

Crumps Creek

CSS Atlanta, Capture of the

Cumberland, Battle of

Dabney’s Mill


Davis Bridge, Battle of

Deep Gully, Battle of

Deep Run Battle

Devil’s Gap, Battle of

Ditch Bayou

Doctortown Railroad Trestle

Double Bridges

Drewry’s Bluff

Dry Fork, Battle of

Duck Creek

Dug Gap, Battle of

Dutton’s Hill

Elk Creek, Affair at

Elkhorn Tavern, Battle of

Ellerson’s Mill

Enon Church, Battle of

Ezra Chapel, Battle of

Fair Oaks or Fair Oaks Station, Battle of

Fair Oaks, Second Battle of

Falling Waters

Falling Waters, Battle of

Fayetteville Road, Battle of

Fish Bayou

Fishing Creek, Battle of

Fleetwood Hill, Battle of

Flowing Springs

Fordoche Bridge, Battle of

Fort Darling

Fort Darling, Battle of

Fort Donelson, Second Battle of

Fort Drewry, Battle of

Fort Gaines, Siege of

Fort Hindman, Battle of

Fort Huger, Battle of

Fort Magruder, Battle of

Fort Morgan, Siege of

Fort Pocahontas, Battle of

Fort Wagner, Battle of

Forts Harrison, Johnson, and Gilmer, Combats at

Forts Hatteras and Clark, Battle of

Four Mile Creek


Frayser’s Farm, Battle of

Frazier’s Farm

Freeman’s Ford

Freestone Point, Battle of

French’s Field, Battle of


Fussell’s Mill

Grand Coteau, Battle of

Gravel Hill

Gravelly Run

Gravelly Run

Great Bethel

Green River

Green River

Green River, Battle of

Guard Hill

Gum Grove

Hagerstown, Battle of



Hare’s Hill, Battle of

Harper’s Farm

Hatcher’s Run, Battle of

Hatcher’s Run, First

Hemp Bales, Battle of the

Hickory Hill

High Shoal

Hill’s Plantation, Battle of

Hillsman Farm

Ironclads, Battle of

Island Ford

Ivy Point Hill, Battle of

James Island, First Battle of

Johnson’s Farm

Kellysville or Kelleysville, Battle of

Kettle Run

Kilpatrick’s Shirttail Skedaddle

King’s Hill, Battle of

King’s School House

Kinston, Battle of


Laurel Hill


Lee Springs

Lexington, Siege of

Little Rock, Battle of

Little Sailor’s Creek

Lockett’s Farm

Lookout Mountain, Battle of

Marshall’s Cross Roads

Marye’s Heights, Second Battle of

Massacre at Boa Ogoi

Matadequin Creek



Mechanicsville, Battle of

Milford, Skirmish at

Military Road

Milton, Battle of

Missionary Ridge, Battle of

Morris Island

Morris Island, Second Assault on


Murfreesboro, Second Battle of

Nance’s Shop

Nelson’s Farm

Nerson’s Woods

New Hope Church

New Market Road (Seven Days)

New Market Road (First Deep Bottom)

New Market Road (Second Deep Bottom)

Oak Hills, Battle of

Ocean Pond, Battle of

Old Men and Young Boys, Battle of

Osage, Battle of the (Mine Creek)

Osage, Battle of the (Marais des Cygnes)

Owen’s Crossroads

Ox Hill

Parker’s Ford

Payne’s Farm

Petersburg, Fall of

Pilot Knob, Battle of

Pittsburg Landing, Battle of

Plum Point Bend

Pocotaligo Bridge, Battle of

Poindexter’s Farm, Battle of

Poor House, Battle of the

Poplar Springs Church

Prairie De Ann

Pratt Street Massacre

Pratt Street Riot

Purcellville Wagon Raid

Quaker Road

Red House Shoals

Reed’s Bridge, Battle of

Reynolds’ Plantation

Richmond Heights, Battle of

Riddell’s Shop

Rowanty Creek

Saint Emma Plantation

Salem Cemetery, Battle of

Salkehatchie River

Samaria Church

Sayler’s Creek

Searcy Landing, Skirmish or Battle of

Searcy, Battle of

Second Manassas

Shady Grove Road

Sharpsburg, Battle of

Shiloh Creek

Shipping Point, Battle of

Silver Creek

Sitlington’s Hill

Slash Church, Battle of

Slaughter’s Mountain

Snicker’s Ferry

Springfield Road, Battle of

Springfield, First Battle of

St. Georges Creek Skirmish

Stephenson’s Depot

Stones River, Battle of

Strawberry Plains

Tahkahokuty Mountain, Battle of


The Buckland Races

The Cedars

The Monitor and Merrimack, Battle of

The Mules, Battle of

Trading Post, Battle of

Union Mills

Valverde Ford, Battle of

Vaughn Road

Walnut Hills, Battle of

Wapping Heights, Battle of

Waterloo Bridge

Weldon Railroad, First Battle of the

Weldon Railroad, Second Battle of the

West Point

Westminster, Battle of

White Hall Ferry, Battle of

White Oak Ridge

White Sulphur Springs

White’s Tavern

Wildcat Mountain

Wilkinson Pike

Winchester, Third Battle of

Woodsonville, Battle of

Yemassee, Battle of

Zagonyi’s Charge

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